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Joan Didion Packing List – Test Driving the Joan Didion White Album Packing List

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The term „style icon“ is one ripe for examination: Why do we worship others based on their clothes? How deep do these fascinations really go? And what if icons aren’t exactly flawless? On the heels of our other digital mini-issues dedicated to segments of our collective psyches—from weed culture to how modern women think and talk about sex to why we’re all just a little full of it—all week long will be exploring the pastime of finding ourselves in another woman’s style. – Continue Reading BelowIf the perfect pair of Levi’s 501s are considered the fashion world’s holy grail, then writer/documentary subject/Céline model Joan Didion’s iconic White Album packing list is its Magna Carta. As simple as it is divisive, the list, which she kept taped inside her closet door was intended to, she said, provide „deliberate anonymity“ while reporting out in the field. „It should be clear that this was a list made by someone who prized control, yearned after momentum,“ she wrote, „someone determined to play her role as if she had the script, heard her cues, knew the narrative.“ As someone who’s been known to bring neon-colored sarongs on beach vacations (all the better to complement your raging suntan, my dear!) or heavy and futile shearlings on ski trips (which usually require actual ski jackets), the specificity of this manifesto Canada Goose outlet sale , which features only seven clothing items, has always appealed to me. Katie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading BelowKatie Friedman/Jen BaumgardnerSo with a weekend jaunt to Los Angeles on the horizon, I pulled together an approximation of Didion’s sartorial recipe—nearly three decades after its inception, the list is still alarmingly au courant—and jetted off to Tinseltown. Katie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowFor the sake of transparency, I did make a few small alterations, which I will detail here: I did not bring cigarettes because I’m afraid that these have, in fact, gone out of style; instead of Didion’s preferred bourbon, I nabbed a mini bottle of Jack Daniels; since I don’t have access to a web-enabled typewriter, I opted to travel with my work MacBook Air; and, in lieu of aspirin, I scooped up some Advil. The rest of the list remained intact. This is my our story.Katie Friedman/Jen BaumgardnerUpon my 1 a.m. arrival (damn you, JetBlue) to Los Angeles, I stripped off my plane clothes (plainclothes?) and vanquished them to the closet. Though I would later be extremely tempted by my Current/Elliott jeans, suede J.Crew booties, and The Kooples button down, I never once incorporated them into my look. My mission, for a weekend of brunching, coffee dates, and boardwalk prowling, was to be an on-the-job Didionite. And as such, I climbed into bed wearing both the white La Perla nightgown that ELLE’s editorial staff gave me before my honeymoon (and which I only wore once during a night of chocolate-dipped strawberries and jet lag in Hong Kong) and my unbelievably cute and cuddly Morgan Lane robe. Let the record state (see! professionalism!) that I have never in my adult life owned a robe that was not my father’s or slippers that were not of the Ugg variety. No one, in the history of ever, has felt as decadent as I did while watching Togetherness equipped with an in-bed Jack and Diet nightcap. Something tells me this is precisely what Joan had in mind. (And though he isn’t John Gregory Dunne Jr., some might contend that my sleeping mate is [link href=’/life-love/sex-relationships/news/a24503/married-to-a-yummy/‘ link_updater_label=’internal‘]equally yummy – Continue Reading BelowKatie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowBecause working out in a thong bodysuit is out of the question, I slept in late before changing into my first lewk* ensemble. I was thrilled at how easy the getting-ready process was (‚White leotard or black?‘ I wondered, whilechanneling a pre-cult Andrew Keegan.) My best friend, who moved all the way to Los Angeles to get away from me, happened to come down with a stomach bug (wait…), so I moseyed on over to her apartment wearing my first of what would be many leotard-based outfits. I paired the black Wolford skin-tight layering piece with a Coach suede miniskirt and my beloved Newbark slides (see all shopping details below). As I walked down Venice’s sun-drenched Ocean Front Walk, I felt confident and sexy in my getup. I half expected my friend to comment on how damn attractive I looked, but she just asked if I wouldn’t mind snagging her some fluids. Like Joan herself, I heard my cues, knew my narrative, and got the kid some Coke Zero. (For proof that I did, in fact, sport a „shirt“ that also functioned as undies, scroll down.)Katie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading BelowThe second day of my trip was marked by a series of inconveniences like crummy weather and a pair of Alexa Wagner heels that are inappropriately fancy for the west coast waterfront. But never mind all that! Joan has thought of everything. When I thought the baristas at Intelligentsia were peering at my Negative shelf bra through my second skin top, I tossed my dad’s threadbare cashmere sweater around my shoulders and felt instantly chic. It’s amazing how important the „pullover“ mandate is here: I can say, with 100% certainty, that no other sweater would have saved me from looking like I was balancing my almond latte with a case of the Walk of Shamies. Joan Didion most certainly knew what she was doing with knits. Even though I was hungover as sin (from a night that included fully undressing in order to use the restroom at my friend Sarah’s house party), no one would ever suspect that the girl in a pristine white leotard had burned her mouth on spinach knishes at 3 a.m. Katie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowMy third and final outfit for a matzo ball dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli was arguably my favorite. My cheeks may have thanked me for ditching the crotch snap, but they were a little chagrined by the fact that Joan Didion doesn’t endorse bringing a single pair of traditional underwear while on assignment. I could have rocked the stockings, I suppose, but I have never been much of a proponent of pairing matte tights with slides. For the sanctity of this story, I went commando at the same deli where I delighted in bagel chips and lox as a wee tike. I wish I could say that I felt like a weirdo, but I was more concerned with dropping curly fries on my colleague Natalie’s delightful suede skirt to worry about my indecency.Katie Friedman/Jen Baumgardner – Continue Reading BelowIf you’ve made it this far then you’ve earned it: a selfie (so un-Joan) of myself window shopping—I swear!—in outfit #1. Because Joan didn’t believe in the cross-body bag for excursions, I’ve cheated here by pilfering from my mom a linen tote emblazoned with my surname Didion Harman. (If you had laser vision, you’d note, proudly, that its contents included my files, my house keys, my Block Shop throw, and the baby oil, which I assure you, can lend a lovely sheen to chalky white shin parts.) All in all, following Joan Didion’s packing last was difficult—to say the least. The lack of options, while refreshing (and in line with my yearning for a uniform in high school), made me feel decidedly naked the entire weekend. One big difference between myself and the venerated author, I fear, is our body types. While Didion is notoriously diminutive—an asset she once boasted made her better at her job—my Hayden Panettiere-esque physique made me feel more gymnast than journalist. Where the list succeeds, however, is in its ability to reduce dressing-related stress. I never once made a clothing pile-up on the bed nor did I feel tempted by mid-day outfit changes. My carry-on was exceptionally light foekjedillema , and my skin delighted in a regime devoid of make-up and cloyingly scented products. Though I may never again attempt to be packing purist (I most certainly will insist on bringing a pair of pants for my next L.A. jaunt), the experiment functioned as a much-needed cleanse for my cluttered and bloated packing sensibility. The takeaways: Make sure all of the items in your bag match one another; own at least one featherweight cashmere pullover sweater, think wisely about your shoe choices; dress for success―even in bed; and, last but not least, never let your clothes wear you. Laters, neon sarong. Shopping credits: (Weekender) Shinola Signature duffle in dark green, $1,250; (To Pack and Wear, clockwise) Author’s own suede Coach skirt, borrowed from senior editor Natalie Matthews; author’s own Derek Lam skirt; Wolford Sao Paolo string body suit in black, $230;; Wolford Pisa string body suit in white $249,; authors own Wolford tights; Negative Sieve balconette bra in black, $85,; Jack Daniels (not bourbon, sorry) borrowed from fashion editor Danielle Prescod; Morgan Lane Lieve robe in chalk, $318;; Frette Mary slippers in light grey, $350;; author’s own La Perla nightgown; author’s own vintage, cashmere sweater; author’s own Newbark Vivian slides; author’s own Alexa Divine ankle-strap sandals. (The Products) Dolce & Gabbana bronzer in Desert; Joanna Vargas daily hydrating cream, $75;; all other products supplied from author’s own LeSportSac pouch from their 3-piece travel set, $49.25; (To Carry) Block Shop Stepwell scarf in slate, $120;*No chance Didion would ever say something as asinine as lewk. Scratch that.

Joan Didion Packing List – Test Driving the Joan Didion White Album Packing List

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